rsyslogd is a system utility that provides support for message logging. Support for network and domain sockets enables this utility to support both local and remote logging.

Configuration File

  • /etc/rsyslog.conf



Facilities for generating log messages.

Here are some facilities for rsyslog.conf:

Option Description
auth Log messages for security or authorization.
security Almost the same as auth.
authpriv Private security or authorization log messages.
cron Log messages about the clock daemon of cron or at.
daemon Log messages in respect of the system daemon.
ftp Log messages for the ftp daemon.
kern Log messages in the kernel of the system.
local0 to local7 Log messages generated locally.
lpr Log messages generated by the line printer subsystem.
mail Log messages generated by mail subsystem.
news Log messages generated by the USENET news subsystem
syslog Log messages generated internally by syslogd.
user Log messages generated at the generic user level.


The priority levels of log messages.

Here are some priorities for rsyslog.conf:

Option Meaning
emerg The system is in an unusable state level.
panic Almost the same as emerg
alert A state level that requires human intervention.
crit The status level at which the critical log is triggered.
err The status level at which the error log is triggered.
error Almost the same as err
warning The status level at which the warning log is triggered.
warn Almost the same as warning
notice The level at which the normal status log is triggered.
info The status level at which the detail information log is triggered.
debug The status level at which the debug log is triggered.


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