My Story

I went to a small island country with my family in 2000 to work in the retail business, and then in 2009, I came to New Zealand to study, and after graduation, I spent a few months in a fish shop and then a few months at a construction site. In 2014, a fortuitous opportunity brought me to a New Zealand telecoms company and opened the way for me to grow in technology.

After working there for a year, I left the company for personal reasons. After waiting for a while, I went to another startup on the recommendation of my friend. After working for a while, I found that because of the conflict between the company’s philosophy and mine, I finally chose not to stay. After that, I started working for myself as a freelancer.

After I started my freelance, I did a few big projects, but last year, I found that I had a technical bottleneck, a little out of step with the trend of the times. For example, I want to make a saas platform, I have to think about how to write a piece of code to make the search of associated multiple tables run smoothly, and I went through books such as data structure and algorithms, and I found that I couldn’t understand a lot of mathematical formulas at that time. What I have learned is almost forgotten, some because I don’t study hard at school so I have no impression at all. After that, I made up my mind to consolidate the foundation of mathematics, the algorithm is the soul of the program, and the algorithm is based on mathematics. Other problems I encountered later include optimization of database field storage, how to locate problems that lead to operating system performance bottlenecks, and so on. And how to write network-related procedures in data transmission between the optimization and ensure data consistency and so on.

My Conclusion From Experience

Learning is a lifetime thing, and I find that I need to consolidate more foundations, catching up with new ideas is not necessarily a right decision, because new technology is out of date too quickly, but a lot of old technology is not accessible to outdated, like Linux server, Network related knowledge and data structure and algorithm.