My Experience

I started working in the industry in early 2014 until now, and I stumbled upon a pattern. A popular technology that is fast in popularity will be eliminated very quickly. So I’ve concluded that you are not necessary to catch up with fashion technology for no reason, but if you need to, just double check and approximately estimate its EOL (End Of Life) time. Five years? One year? Or six months? That way, you don’t have to be surprised by its short life cycle. Here are two examples of my projects that we did with bootstrap three several years ago. Now that Bootstrap 4 has come out, it doesn’t change much, so it’s not particularly hard to upgrade. Instead, one of the projects we did after the Bootstrap 3 one was based on Angularjs 1, then Angularjs 2 was coming out, and then soon after Angularjs 8 came out as well. Oh, my goodness.

Entry start point recommendation

Rather than focusing too much on business requirements, more attention should be paid to the consolidation of basic knowledge.

  • Mathematics knowledge in senior middle school and above
  • Data structure and algorithm
  • Knowledge of infrastructure (Hardwares): collaboration time of storage devices. The time and space complexity when accessing the data structures stored between cpu, memory, hard drives through algorithms, etc. The less the complexity is the efficient the algorithm.
  • Linux operation principle
  • Network related knowledge
  • Understand runtime efficiency of languages such as C, Java, PHP, Go and Python.
  • Must learn a universal web server: Nginx (high concurrency, load balancing, web application firewall).

Trends that has become a reality

  • Micro Services
  • Service Mesh
  • Artificial Intelligence for Development and Operation

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