In the early days, the operating system could only be installed directly on hardware. As the technology matures, we can implement this in a variety of ways. It can now be installed on virtual machines, in local or cloud containers, or even through the App Store.

Install linux from a local container

Docker is a very mature container technology, we can easily access the Linux image of each release by installing docker container technology on Windows and Mac. Getting Linux mirroring through containers is a common practice in production environments. Large companies usually deploy hundreds of thousands of containers to support the high concurrent business programs that the company is running and to make full use of server resources.

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Install linux on a virtual machine

Virtualbox is a lightweight virtual machine that individual users can use instead of VMWare to install and use Linux. There are a lot of tutorials out there on how to install Linux on VirtualBox.

Install Linux in a cloud vendor server

Linode is a relatively affordable cloud container provider, and we can have a low-profile server for just $5 a month. Although the container’s configuration is lower, because of its industrial-grade server-level hardware environment, speed is ideal compared to personal computers, and it is perfect for a small laboratory or a web server.

Install Linux through the app store in windows 10

Although this practice surprised me because in the past I would never have thought that I could do it again, it would only make the performance of the Linux very poor, and there was no way to do any kind of operations on it at all. This option to install Linux has several drawbacks, the first is performance issues, Linux is used as a windows 10 program, the speed is very slow. The second problem is that there are too few choices, but because the first one is serious, we don’t have to worry about the latter, because we’re not going to consider using Linux as an application, after all, it’s an operating system.


If you want to experiment, it is recommended that you use a local container such as Docker or a cloud container such as Linode, or VirtualBox. My advice is not to waste your precious time and energy tweaking the Linux in the app store because it’s too slow, and it makes you feel funny and annoying.

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