Because at that time Linus after studying Minix source code discovered that Minix’s design is terrible. So he wrote a kernel from scratch, the Linux kernel, based on the assembly and c language he had accumulated as a child. It was later used by many kernel enthusiasts and vendors to develop release versions suitable for their preferences and needs.

C language is a high-level language, its efficiency is much faster than most of the current high-level languages, but the effectiveness of c language is 30% slower than assembly language. So earlier, given that machines were not rich in resources, computers that could use an operating system based on assembly would never have considered an operating system is written in C. But because of the high cross-platform compatibility of the operating system written in C, Linux distributions beat many server systems, and it is still dominant.

Linus released the linux kernel code for free on September 17, 1991. Later releases of the linux operating system were based on this kernel.

Mainstream Distributions

  • RedHat
  • CentOS (Derived from RedHat)
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu (Derived from Debian)
  • Slackware
  • SUSE (Derived from Slackware)

The distribution I am going to use

Because there are so many distributions out there, we only discuss this version of CentOS here. Although Ubuntu is also free, since both of them are distributed based on linux, we mainly focus the usages on the CentOS server system.

References Linux

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